Sushi Stacks

Sushi Stacks Banner

Sushi Stacks is a fun and intuitive calculator made specifically for use at conveyor-belt sushi restaurants. The only app that works for practically any conveyor-belt sushi restaurant and retains the experience of stacking your plates...


Pure CSS Dishes


One feature that I’ve had in mind for Sushi Stacks has been different dish types. Originally you could only add plates, but what about drinks? Or soups or other things that might come in a...


“My Craigslist” iPad App Concept Video

I jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with my wife, Cintia, on creating a video for her Dynamic Information Design project, which was a conceptual iPad app called “My Craigslist.” I brought the app...


Office 365 Overview

While on contract at VML I created the bulk of the Motion Graphics for this piece for Microsoft’s Office 365.